Welcome to The Data Entry Test! [If you just want to get on with the test, skip to the instructions section below! If you want to learn a little bit about data entry tests - what they typically entail, how you can improve, etc, then keep reading.] If you're thinking of applying for a job involving data entry, it's a good idea to take a data entry test to check whether you have the necessary ability. The way a data entry test usually works is as follows. You'll be given a series of words or sentences that you have to type within a certain period of time. You'll have to type as much as possible within that time period while also being as accurate as possible. The test will score your work based not only on how fast you can type but also on how accurate you are. This can include a review of whether or not you've struggled to get certain things entered without spelling errors. After all, a data entry test will not usually include a spell checker or any other kind of correction software. The results that you get will help you figure out what you can do in order to improve your skills. It might be as simple as needing to practice a little more. You could also learn how to touch type in order to improve your speed. Touch typing is where you type words without looking at the keyboard. Sometimes this is done by dividing the keyboard into zones that only certain fingers are supposed to use. It can also entail keeping your fingers on certain keys, ready to type. For example, you might want to try only using your left hand to type the ASDF keys. Data entry jobs include working with mailing companies that need to send documents out, transcription companies that need help with transcribing audio or video content to text files and even the need to enter in private information from forms written on paper into a digital format. The pay for data entry jobs varies. If you perform the job from home expect to earn around $7-10 an hour. Perform it on-site at a law firm or hospital, and expect $15 or more an hour.


Type the text in the box below. As soon as you start typing, the timer will start counting down from 60 seconds. The word you need to type will be underlined. The word will go green if you typed it correctly, red if you made a mistake. When the timer reaches 0, the test will end and you will get a report telling you how many words you managed to type correctly in the minute. Try to type the words exactly as they appear, taking note of capitalisation and punctuation. Good luck!
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